CaixaBank aims for omni-channel leadership with ATM overhaul

CaixaBank has started to deploy a new ATM technology platform, ATMNow, designed to overhaul the user experience and add new services and functions.

CaixaBank aims to deploy the new tech to 9,000 ATMs by August

The Spanish bank aims to offer the same banking and image services on ATMs as users experience on CaixaBankNow, its online banking channel accessible via the web and mobile app.

ATMNow was initially rolled out to 50 ATMs in Barcelona. The planned schedule is now for complete deployment by the end of July, comprising over 9,000 ATMs on the CaixaBank network.

In the second half of the year, all the Bankia-network ATMs will be integrated to the platform.

In addition to standardising styles and browsing flows to unify the user experience with the web and mobile channels, ATMNow provides CaixaBank’s ATMs with new services and functions that offer a more user-friendly and seamless interaction.

It improves the cash withdrawal process, which is simplified to only two steps.

It also features the addition of option menu customisation technology, enabling each user to have direct access to their most used features and options on the home screen.

This personalisation is conducted by default, each time the customer uses the ATM with their card without the need to reconfigure settings.

The omni-channel vision paves the way for the creation of new services.

For example, users will be able to set up operations through the app or on the web that they want to execute later at an ATM, upon identifying themselves. These new functions are planned to be integrated gradually.

The implementation of ATMNow will also be accompanied by new facial recognition technology facilities, offering customers withdrawals with less physical contact, while strengthening security in the use of terminals.

Currently there are more than 700 ATMs throughout Spain that feature this service. CaixaBank expects to reach 1,250 ATMs with biometric identification by the end of July 2021, at which point all the branches of CaixaBank’s new model in Spain will have at least one ATM integrating this feature.

Offering the best user experience in all physical or online customer service channels is one of the pillars of CaixaBank’s 2019-2021 Strategic Plan. Currently, the bank claims the largest customer base in Spain with over 10 million users of all digital service channels.

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